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UPMAP T800+ APRILIA TUONO V4 RSV4 from 2009 to 2020

UPMAP T800+ APRILIA TUONO V4 RSV4 from 2009 to 2020

 419,00 +IVA



UPMAP T800+ APRILIA TUONO V4 RSV4 from 2009 to 2020

Only for models up to 2020


Use the code GRTMAP to download your Gabro Racing map

UpMap is a well known phone-app based ECU flashing system, used mainly in Ducati, Honda and Yamaha environments, working for both IOS and Android. It’s a very practical, safe and easy tool for flash and diag your bike, always in your pocket.

We just expanded it’s capabilities to any latest Aprilia: all model years RSV4 and TuonoV4 up to 2020.

Using this tool you’ll be able to flash Gabro’s maps in minutes, and restore your bike stock map anytime if needed. You can buy in App and store in your phone all the tuned maps you want and flash any particular one in your bike ECU even during a ride stop. After each flash the tool automatically perform throttle and handle learnings: the use of any additional diag tool is not needed.

Purchasing the UpMap Aprilia you will get access to the whole huge database of tuned maps made by the Aprilia ECU’s master tuner Gabro in his last 10+ years activity. All available maps in the App have been accurately prepped on the dyno and fine-tuned on track/street using complete data logging systems, and extensively tested prior being released. Upmap Aprilia is an exclusive of Aprilia Special Parts.
So what are you waiting? Put Gabro’s paw in your bike ECU!

2009-2010 RSV4 (pre-Aprc):

After the UpMap reflash you may lose the speed indication at the dash. It’s because your bike was not updated to Aprc map before. To correct it you need to do an Aprc Traction Control switch-off via an external diag tool. In the while, by the same tool you’ll be able to activate the Aprc Quick Shift function: quick shift is already present in any available UpMap map and will work as soon as the necessary hardware will be connected to the bike wiring loom.

ATTENTION: it’s a race product to be used in closed circuits, supplied maps are not intended for street use.

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