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EVO Race Airbox Kit for Aprilia RS and Tuono 660 by Gabro Racing

EVO Race Airbox Kit for Aprilia RS and Tuono 660 by Gabro Racing

 1.200,00 +IVA


EVO Race Airbox Kit for Aprilia RS and Tuono 660 by Gabro Racing

This new Race Airbox kit gives 20% more volume downstream the filter, +2-3hp on the whole power plot and 40% weight reduction compared to stock airbox fitted with Sprint air filter.

The fuel tank is used as airbox lid, sealing it with an o-ring. It has a built-in engine casing breather and it has no open drains, as required by racing rules. Bike maintenance and motor accessibility is easier and faster.

Supplied air filter is made in a fire-proof sponge and is very free flowing, but you can cut and fit a finer filtering panel if you use the bike in a dusty track.

It’s made in MJF technology 3D-print in PA12 carbon reinforced powder to ensure a good  strength combined with light weight and a precise and repeatable fitting.

Geometry and air flow path has been intensively optimized using CFD calculations thanks to DMZ Engineering, our partner in this project.

Installation note: the engine wiring loom needs a little relocation and removal of pair system and tank ventilation system is needed.

Upmap customized race mapping by Gabro Racing provides a full electronic deactivation of those items, including lambda probes

UPMAP T800+ APRILIA RS660 – TUONO 660 2021

All the adaptations needed to the installation can be restored to stock anytime.


Our Ram-Air kit and our Intake Stacks kit are the optimum complements to this Airbox Kit and we suggest a combined installation

Presa d’aria DINAMICA RAM AIR per RS660 BY Gabro racing team


ATTENTION: this is a race product to be used only on closed circuits at your own risk.
NOTE: If competing in a race series, before using these parts check for compliance to the specific technical rules.


Shipping will require 3 weeks

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Weight 10 kg

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